Monday, October 11, 2010

Sorry... real life for a moment.

Sorry... but I'm going to rant in this post.
I fucking HATE it when someone who thinks they have some unwarranted sense of entitlement yells at you for no good reason.
We have mice... we have a lot of mice. And my grandmother (Who also adopted me, previously I had been in foster care with my aunt, and before that I was with my mother.) told me to take care of it... Last night. Lo and behold my mom (Who now lives in the attic.) Is downstairs and yelling at me while I'm still asleep. Why? Because I hadn't taken care of it yet.
Great. She all but abandons me when I'm 6, and now she thinks she not only has any entitlement to yell at me for ANYTHING, but she thinks it's a good idea to yell at me for something that I was asked to do LAST NIGHT...
Fuck you mom, Fuck you. You cause me more rage and depression than any other thing in my life... hell, almost any other combination of any other thing in my life is preferable to hearing your fucking voice yell at me. Go to hell you god damned harpy.

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