Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WOD - Second session

All right, I didn't have a laptop or similar recording device, so I made this synopsis for your perusal.

Transcript is as follows
All right. Today was the second session of World of Darkness, we had a lot of fun... even though I may have... improvised a little.

We started off 2 days after nonny's prelude adventure and the day after the first session. Nonny woke up and ran some tests on the star shaped jewel, finding that color returned and the crack got smaller when exposed to different intensities of heat.

Afterwords she decided to contact some professors, but they laughed at her. So she settled on going to some jewelers to see if any of them knew anything.

I decided to use the jewel as a reason for nonny to meet up with the other two members of the group, planning on them meeting up at the jewelers at the same time, So I told Travis that he had a few jobs lined up for today, including a jeweler needing help after being robbed. He did the other jobs first (More bean can fetching and find my dog stuff), then went to the jeweler.

At this point I breathed easy, but panicked a little because I remembered that I actually had to come up with a story for what happened for the robbery. So, on the spot, I made up the storyline of the 'arcanite trium'. These three jewels; the quartz heart, blood star, and rose helix, were used to usher in the 'genesis'...

Now, nonny had the Blood star, and I decided that the jeweler had just been robbed of the quartz heart and rose helix, But I needed a good way to make him not necessarily a good or bad guy... so nonny investigated around the shop and happened on six books, titled 'the history of the world, volume's one through six' The first book told of how the universe came to be, and how it would end. The second was about 'ohm', the first god, who created all other gods... and how all gods would be destroyed. The third, the most worn of all the books, talked of life, and magic, and how life would be destroyed. The fourth and beyond were essentially about meta-science, how the multi-verse came to be, how creation was created, and so on.

During this time the jeweler negotiated price, and they settled on 1200$ a day plus expenses, and one hundred thousand dollars for the return of the two jewels that were stolen from him... He did notice the blood star in nonny's possession, but was unable to haggle it away from her. They all signed a contract stating the terms of the agreement in blood, and the party was on its way.

On the way, they decided to investigate the house from the prelude session. When they got there, there was a construction crew getting ready to knock the whole thing down. They paid the crew 300$ to give them 15 minutes in the house. They went up and found some interesting things, Boxes of photos taken of the victims of the blood star 'elemental', a filing cabinet containing last words or thoughts of the creatures that died, and a diary of the blood star... except the thoughts are what were recorded... The script started with one writing style, but a new one joined after every 'meal' the blood star ate... Eventually it was all but illegible as there were hundreds of scripts in the page, all seemingly burned into the paper. They decided to go home at this point, but had to pay another 300 dollars to the crew, whereupon they found out that the deconstruction was paid for by the government.

After they got to home base they found that another group was trying to get its hand on the arcanite trium, the knights templar. In this world the knights templar are essentially beefed up, xenoformist murderers who keep the world from evil and harmless outsiders alike... and they made an offer to the party (who promptly ignored him.) Nonny took the diary into the dark room at the office and tried reading the script, she was successful, but not before she lost her THIRD sanity point in this session... Allowing her to be just insane enough to understand the book.

Then they all went to bed and the session ended. Oh, one more thing... to my players who watched this, 6 character points... I'll award 5 points to people who didn't next session.

Also, if you remember any fun details that I don't, please leave it in the comments below.


  1. Totally read/watched this, claiming my points.

    So there.

    Though I can't remember anything in particular that you didn't mention, I'm just sorely amused at John managing to lose a third of his sanity over the course of an afternoon. xD

  2. cool experience, interesting and a bit scary ^^

  3. hehe, yay, you get your points :D
    rest of you, thanks for the good comments... friends of mine are suggesting I re-do the entirety of how I do things here.
    I'll work on doing better quality stuff, but I think the method of it (Audio logs/ synopses) Are fairly good. Though if I get enough support I may end up converting these to novelesque writings.

  4. Although, a combination of the 3 might be nice as well...

  5. I'm seriously considering putting together a blog for John's POV on stuff -- excerpts from his casebook, the journal he just started up, etc. It seems like it'd be fun, and it might motivate me to actually do something with some semblance of regularity.

    I don't want to step on your toes, though, especially if you're going to start doing novelesque stuff, so I don't know...

  6. They are making a WOD MMO, its due 2011.

  7. no, you should do it. it would be fun. And You'd write in johns perspective instead of the dm's.

  8. I want my points, and this is a good summery. Can't think of anything that isn't here.