Thursday, September 30, 2010


Going to start playing Mabinogi... Dunno if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but we'll see.
EDIT: This is now a short review.
To me, what can make or break any game is the interface to that game... if the controls are clunky and frustrating, then it's a major annoyance. If the combat is twitchy and difficult to just click on your enemy in an RPG, then that is an amazing annoyance. And if your actions are non-responsive and, once again, clunky then the game takes a nosedive in quality. Lucky me then that Mabinogi has ALL THREE of these ires of mine. From what little I played, the story seemed like it could be fun to watch unfold... from what little I know the sound track seems amazing... but from what little I know, the game is also next to unplayable.
Moving on to the next game.
And for gods sakes, developers... work on your damn interface before you release a fucking game.
More of a rant I guess... sorry.
Oh hey, if you guys want me to review games or something I will... just post in my inane post thread what you want me to review and I'll see about it... might even livestream it while I play.