Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Roleplaying Game: An Essential D&D Starter (4th Edition D&D)
All right, Check this out... It's an entire 4e D&D set for 13$... I wish all D&D books were this cheap... I'd actually consider buying them then (When I had money, of course.)
It looks to be exactly what D&D has been needing, a way to ease new players into the throes of the more rabid playerbase.
Way to go Mearls... you won a few internets this day.


  1. Too bad i never play this...
    Looks cool!!

  2. Very nice! ...If I had any fondness for the 4e rules, I'd be much more enthused. Still, an entire gameset for $13 is pretty damn nice.

    Stupid overpriced books...

  3. Pretty sweet, if I played 4e that is. I want ot see some livestreamed games.

  4. As in, livestreamed D&D games?
    I'm planning on recording the audio for all of these when I get my Digital audio recorder from a friend who's interested in listening to them.
    If that's enough, then awesome, if not, I can see about recording video of the whole session as well.

  5. Hey the new D&D Essentials are pretty cheap, about $13 on amazon. Check out my post on the Red Box!