Sunday, September 26, 2010

9-26-10 Gaming at the monster den

I'll put something up later today describing todays session, it'll be here (This is a placemark)
Edit: Sorry, I'll be putting it up tomorrow, haven't had time to record anything, and I'm comforting a friend.
Edit 2: Finally got this up, But I'll try and link a higher quality one here later.
Edit 3: Actually... quality isn't THAT bad... tell me what you think in the comments... Tell me if I need to put up a higher quality one.
Edit 4: Here's the link. High quality audio version


  1. Yeah... sorry, not gonna be able to watch this one. I don't know half these people, I'm not in on the jokes, I can't hear quite a bit of it, and I barely understand what's going on -- it needs to be accessible to the audience, if not aimed directly at them. Three hours is far too long to listen to strangers play games...

  2. I'm getting mixed reviews on that actually... And like I said, the high quality audio version is on the link. I'll try and put higher quality audio up here when I do upload them though, gotta find out what the upload limits for blogspot are first though.